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Eric R. Asher's ~~~Wolves and the River of Stone~~~ Blog Tour

Eric R. Asher, author of the Vesik series has recently released the second book installment, Wolves and the River of Stone.


Blurb ~

Philip, Zola’s boyfriend from one hundred and fifty years ago, is not nearly as dead as we thought. I really wish he was. Not only has he kidnapped Zola, but he’s raising an army to scour humanity from the earth. Hopefully the local werewolf pack will help. What could possibly go wrong?

Excerpt ~

A blonde met my gaze. "I am Agnes Smythe. I am your death." Her voice was almost peppy and it threw me off for a moment. A small laugh made me glance at Philip. The smirk on his face lit fantasies of eviscerating him and feeding him whatever fell out.

I was about to fire off a witty retort, but Agnes elbowed Zola in the mouth with a vicious strike. Zola's head snapped back and I could hear the crack of bone from fifteen feet away. She crumpled to the ground in a heap. Through the rage in my gut I still felt a hint of relief as her hands moved to cover her face when Agnes put her foot back on Zola's neck.

With that, Foster had seen enough. The seven-foot fairy dropped silently out of the tree behind them, swinging my staff on a downward angle. He connected with Agnes's head. The crack was sickening. She jerked violently to one side and her foot fell away from Zola. Agnes staggered forward before flailing to the ground.

RMWTPC – You have taken paranormal creatures from a variety cultures and integrated them into your stories. Your first book was filled with Cu siths from the Scottish Highlands, Camazots from mayan folklore, Gwynn ap Nudd, from Welsh mythology, a liberal sprinking of latin incantations, and if my memory serves me correctly a mention of a Norse god or creature. Your second book introduces us to a pack of werewolves, a demon owing a favor and an undine with a penchant for tuna. How did you decide how to combine what with what in your stories?

Eric R. Asher – I have a huge dartboard setup with photos of every kind of creature you can imagine. I toss a few darts and ... yeah, I'm totally making that up. ;) I don't particularly know how I decide what creatures to use. I usually have an idea for a character, and try to think of a background or ability that would add something interesting into the mix for the character. I do take liberties with the traditional creatures because I feel some changes help them integrate better into Damian's world. I've found that many mythologies and religions have shared themes. In that spirit, I tend to borrow from multiple mythologies to form a "new" catalog of creatures for the Vesik books.

Most of the incantations have Latin roots, but lets call it pseudo-Latin. While the prefixes and suffixes around the incantations do have meaning in Damian's world, they're certainly not Latin.

RMWTPC – In Days Gone Bad, Damian is an affable character. His easygoing manner coupled with his strong loyalties to family and friends made him quite endearing. In Wolves and the River of Stone, we see a much different side to Damian. Damian becomes even more relatable when he pursues a love interest in Nixie. Tell us about undines and how you created the character of this lovely water witch?

Eric R. Asher – I thought Nixie would be an interesting match for Damian because they both have an unconventional perspective on death. Undines are most commonly thought of as water elementals. I've seen them tied to sirens and selkies, but Nixie is more closely related to her German namesake, the Nix, with some additional ties to the Greek sirens. Nixie represents change in many ways, and you may have noticed change is one of the stronger themes in WATROS. I can't go into too much detail, because I really don't enjoy accidentally spoiling things, but there is quite a bit more to Nixie's story.

RMWTPC – When I read Days Gone Bad, so much of the terminology was new to me and the book took a bit longer to read because I kept looking up definitions to the terms I wasn’t familiar with. Wolves and the River of Stone incorporated much from the first book with a smattering of new creatures. Is there a reference book for newbies like me to this genre to learn more about the mythical and paranormal beings you write about?

Eric R. Asher – I'm sure there are, but I'm not familiar with one all-encompassing reference book. Irish Fairy and Folk Tales by W.B. Yeats is an excellent read, but one of my favorites is Visions & Beliefs in the West of Ireland by Lady Gregory. It's a fantastic collection of local tales. One thing I didn't know, but actually learned from the blurb on Lady Gregory's book, was that she was often accompanied by Yeats on her many trips. Visions & Beliefs in the West of Ireland contains two essays by Yeats.

RMWTPC – Do your eating habits resemble those of Damian’s? Between the crispy rice treats, fudge, pizza brats, and 22 mentions of bacon it came as no surprise that when Damian had the choice between fresh fruit and veggies and Oreos, he immediately went for the milk.

Eric R. Asher – I. Wish. Wouldn't everyone like to eat like that? Well, outside of our vegetarian friends? I'm not sure anyone could survive very long if they ate like that all the time. Writing about Damian's food proclivities has had an interesting side effect. Every time I eat some of his favorite foods (like pretzels or chimichangas) I immediately picture Zola and Foster digging in right beside Damian. This happens most often when I visit their favorite restaurants.

RMWTPC - Will there be more installments to the Vesik series?

Eric R. Asher - Oh yes. In fact we're getting ready to start editing the third installment. I'm hoping to release book three at the end of this winter, or in early spring.

Thank you very much for having me on your blog again! It's always fun. :)

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TK Rapp Being There blog tour Giveaway

Make sure you enter this awesome giveaway!

Being There by TK Rapp Blog Tour and Live Interactive Event

READING MY WAY TO PENNED CON is happy to be part of the blog tour for TK Rapp's first novel, Being There.

When Cass Howard was young, she never dreamed she would have the perfect job, living in New York, with an amazing man by her side. That’s a good thing…because none of that ever happened. Drew Alexander was the one person who knew Cass better than almost anyone, and the friendship that developed in high school carried them to college. Despite the distance, their bond grew stronger, revealing to each of them what they meant to each other. A series of fleeting moments and a string of failed relationships helped them realize that what they really wanted, what they needed, was each other. But that was five years ago, and sometimes things just don’t work out. Now twenty-five, Cass finds herself living in Houston, working at a small publishing house as an editor. By most accounts, she appears happy, however she has managed to avoid a true relationship, opting to channel all of her energy on work, despite protests from her best friend. The only thing that can drag her away is the annual girls’ weekend, which comes at the best possible time, because Cass has just learned life-altering news. With the most recent blow to her life looming overhead, will the getaway with her closest friends change her outlook on life? Or will her inability to put the past behind her stifle any chance she has of moving on? Will she ever be able to open up and let those who love her be there for her?

TK's story of heartache, heartbreak, love, healing and finding strength in oneself and those held dear a story that will stand the tests of time. A portion of all proceeds from her book sales in the month of October will go to benefit The Rose, a breast cancer support program that helps meet the needs of insured and uninsured women (and sometimes men) in the Houston area and surrounding counties. Find them online at:

Please join us on Thursday, October 24th at 8:00 p.m. ET for An Evening With TK Rapp. We invite you to join us. Author T.K. Rapp will be spending two hours with us discussing her book Being There, her new work in progress and just having tons of fun with smatterings of chit chat and sprinklings of giveaways. If you have never attended one of these live events, I encourage you to do so. They are tons of fun and very interactive. You can be as involved or passive as you choose, but would love to have you there! Join us here:

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Spotlight on Felicia Tatum

Felicia Tatum was born and raised in Tennessee. She always loved reading, and at the age of twelve began writing. Her passion for creating stories grew and in May 2012, she finally wrote her first novel, The White Aura.

She still lives in Tennessee with her daughter and her kitty. She loves cooking, books, and animals are some of her best friends. She watches a lot of Disney channel and often dreams up new book ideas. She's currently working on various projects, including the rest of the White Aura Series, the Scarred Hearts Series, and a novella series. Her dream is to write as many books as possible while entertaining as many people as possible.

Felicia is preparing to release the first of five novellas in the Intoxicating Passion series called Masked Intentions. It is sweet and spicy and we can't wait to read the other four in the set!

You can follow Felicia on her blog at:

On facebook at:

and on Goodreads at:

The Mourning Series by Adriane Leigh

MOURNING SERIES by Adriane Leigh

The Mourning After - Released on June 26, 2013
Light In Mourning - Released on October 16, 2013

The Mourning After and Light In Mourning are a two book series.

At the start of The Mourning After, Georgia Montgomery has just made a life changing decision. Without consulting her long time boyfriend Kyle Collins, an up and coming attorney in D.C., she has purchased a beach house on the North Carolina shore. Feeling neglected as a result of Kyle’s long hours at the firm, she decides to take the summer off to renovate the beach house into an income generating summer rental.

In order to do this, she reaches out to her two best friends, Drew and Silas. Drew has been Georgia’s friend since college and works as the accountant for her father’s construction business in Jacksonville. Silas, also a friend from college works as little as possible living off income from an inheritance. Begging them to join her for the summer she agrees to allow Drew to bring her new boyfriend Gavin along.

The beach house situation gets complicated when Gavin’s friend Tristan tags along for the visit. His arrival at the beach house is unexpected and his charm and good looks disarm Georgia. Tristan, however, takes advantage of Georgia’s hospitality and when the frequency of his female overnight guests pushes her to her breaking point, she asks him to stop marching the slut parade through her house.

Nightmares begin to plague Georgia as she deals with her emotions in regards to her past and the distance between her and Kyle. Tristan tries to comfort her through these difficult times and she struggles with her emerging feelings for him. So when a hurricane threatens the coast, the housemates have to evacuate and head to their respective homes.

In Light In Mourning Tristan has returned to North Carolina to retrieve his boat left at the marina near Georgia’s beach house. He feels such a loss with the departure of his new friend and becomes despondent falling into reckless behaviors.

His business partner Gavin. becomes worried about Tristan's decision to live on his boat and try to work remotely with a new customer. Tristan admits he is only going through the motions. When he decides to adopt a dog from a local shelter, he starts to return to his more normal self, without the parade of sluts he enjoyed earlier in the summer.

Meanwhile, Georgia is struggling to readjust to life back in D.C. with Kyle. His long hours at work and her confliction with her decision to leave Tristan behind have the nightmares coming more frequently and vividly. Nothing she tries seems to be able to lessen the frequency or effect of these terrible dreams.

When Georgia receives an expected yet disturbing letter, she has to make some difficult decisions that will affect her for the rest of her life.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to read these books back to back. Having to wait in between the two would have been brutal as it is very easy to become addicted to both Georgia and Tristan.

Adriane shared some insights on how she took up writing and in the writing of the Mourning series in our interview here.

RMWTPC – How did you decide to pursue a degree in literature? Was it with the idea of becoming an author or were you preparing for a different career?

Adriane Leigh – Writing was the only thing I was ever interested in doing, and I love to read, so it made sense to me to study the classics to learn to write well.

RMWTPC – As a Michigan girl, did you use any of your experiences living near the dunes as inspiration in writing the beautiful beach scenes in these books?

Adriane Leigh – Absolutely! I feel so lucky to have grown up on the Great Lakes. We’ve got the best beaches in the world! No salt and no deadly sea creatures!

RMWTPC – Was your original intent to make Georgia and Tristan’s a two book series or did the story just carry into it?

Adriane Leigh – About halfway through writing The Mourning After I realized that Georgia and Tristan needed a book two. While the first book ended in a good place, I felt like readers would need reassurance that Georgia and Tristan could make it after the turbulence surrounding the beginning of their relationship.

I also wanted to show vulnerability in Tristan- he seemed so confident in book one, but I knew he had insecurities and being in a healthy relationship would be something he would have to work at.

RMWTPC – What can you tell us about your next book Wild, scheduled to be released in December?

Adriane Leigh – Wild has been wild to write to say the least! It takes place on the coast of Maine, which is a place I love and have visited often, and the main character’s name is Lane Wild. He’s a sexy, demanding alpha-male who knows what he wants in life and takes it. The heroine is Kat Kennedy, she’s new to town and is sassy and independent and not interested in being tied down. Chemistry pulses between them, along with irritation, flirtation and friendship; it’s all there and is making for one amusing story!

To enter to win one of three copies of this new release, message us on our facebook page:

Code: Penned Con Rocks

Contest ends on 10/18/13 at 10 p.m.

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Amazon at:
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Kimberly Stedronsky offers ROAM Series as a Boxed Set!

We have big news to share about an AMAZING DEAL and a FLASH GIVEAWAY!
Kimberly Stedronsky, author of the incredible ROAM series has put the 6+1 books into a boxed set. And as if that weren't incredible enough, the entire set is on sale for only $5.99!

I have been reading this series and can tell you from personal experience that her stories are amazing and should be on your TBR list!

Here is the link to purchase the boxed set:

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Great Giveaway from Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover is hosting a huge giveaway on her blog. Follow this link to enter:

And you can preorder the free download of her novella Finding Cinderella on Amazon: