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Released on August 16, 2013

DESTRUCTIVE SILENCE should be on the high school required reading list across the country. The subject matter is portrayed in a brutally honest way and deals with some of today’s toughest subjects; child molestation, alcoholism, physical and emotional abuse.

Lacey is a high school senior who resides in a suburb of Baltimore where she moved when she was 10. She struggles with balancing her good girl upbringing and her fun loving wild side. But Lacey has a past, a past she wants desperately to leave behind.

Becca, is Lacey’s best friend. Equally as fun loving as Lacey, Becca has a strong sense of self and a take no crap attitude. She keeps Lacey centered while helping her to cut loose from time to time. The strength of their friendship never waivers.

Caine is who Lacey thought would be a one night stand. After meeting him in a club and having an instant attraction, Lacey decides the best way to leave her past behind her is to create a new one. Caine was to be the ends to that mean.

The story takes us on the tumultuous ride that is Lacey and Caine’s relationship. It illustrates how through manipulation, physical and verbal abuse, the self esteem of a young woman can be chipped away at so thoroughly she feels trapped with nowhere to go.

I was impressed with the writing quality of this book considering it is the author’s first published work. L.U. Ann did an amazing job laying out difficult subject matter in a way that was spot on. The dialog between the characters was very natural and she did an equally excellent job injecting age appropriate jargon and music references in this story. (Loved the Ting Tings mention)

LU Ann was very open about answering my questions regarding this book and its subject matter. Here is our interview.

RMWTPC – Tackling one of the disturbing subjects in this book would be enough for most writers. How did you decide to tackle three in this book?

L.U. Ann – I would like nothing more than to tell you I decided to write this because friends of mine were victims; but that would be a lie. All three major subjects unleashed in Destructive Silence are near and dear to my heart because I have been at the forefront of each. I wanted to write something different than what's out there. I wanted to write about real life and hopefully help someone who might be going through the same thing. By writing about the number of issues I’ve experienced I'm able to give the reader the other side of the story. Many people ask, "Why don't you just leave?" Plain and simple, it's not as easy as that. Today's population needs to be made more aware of these issues and how we can help break these vicious cycles and make an impact on the community.

RMWTPC – Alcohol abuse among military troops is becoming a public health crisis. What compelled you to inject this topic into your storyline?

L.U. Ann – This is completely in my opinion, but the stresses involved in being a service man or woman in today's military unfortunately are comforted by alcohol. Many troops have children at a young age before they are truly ready and the added stress of deployment, relocating and a new family is often too much. To be in the service is a great honor and I support each and every troop. They already have a lot on their plate with their line of duty any added stress can be too much. This might lead to decompressing in unhealthy ways.

RMWTPC – How have your readers reacted to the dark yet realistic depiction of abuse in Destructive Silence?

I get messages praying for it not to end the way it does. I think I might give some readers a "hangover" or "WHAT???" effect. Honestly, there was no other way to end Destructive Silence. I promise, once you read the rest of the series, you will look back and say "Wow, I get it." I think readers like to get swept off their feet in romance land, I know I do. Every once and a while you need a fresh dose of reality to ground you and hopefully be able to help someone in need.

RMWTPC – And what can we expect from you next and when?

L.U. Ann – Destructive Choices is scheduled to be released in November 2013. It will recap a few of the issues found in Destructive Silence but will add a number of new ones. You will be introduced to a new character that will go above and beyond your expectations.

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