Saturday, August 31, 2013

Spotlight on TK Rapp

Introducing TK Rapp

T.K. Rapp can do an awesome backflip into the pool, has flown an airplane and has written an awesome first book. Two of these things are lies, but one is the truth. Since you are on a blog about authors attending Penned Con 2014, you probably know which is true. But for reference, she hasn’t attempted a flip in over twenty years and she hates being in airplanes, let alone the idea of flying one.

T.K. graduated from Texas A&M in 2000 with a degree in Journalism, and this is also where she met her husband. A seven year stint in the U.S. Navy had the family living on both coasts, until they were finally able to settle back down in Texas. She is a 35-year-old (*Gasp* She shared her age!) wife and mother. She has always had a love of all things creative, but her ability to do anything with her hands was laughable, at best. Give her a pen, she could journal or work up blue prints, but painting, sculpting, anything of that nature, it was a talent lost of her. Fortunately, her life-long dream was to write.

This dream was realized with her debut novel, Being There. It is self-published book released in early July and was an absolute labor of love. Being There tells the story of Cass, and her journey to open herself up to what life hands her. TK is currently working on two more novels, one of which she hopes to publish late November.

If you ask how her friends would describe her, words they tend to use include quirky, raunchy sense of humor, loves coloring her hair, stubborn, cheap drunk, loyal, fun, awesome mom and simple. If you ask her to describe her friends? One word: Blind!

When she isn’t writing, or thinking up something to write, she can be found chatting on Facebook, reading, adding things to her bucket list or hanging with her family.

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