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Beyond Control by Karice Bolton

BEYOND CONTROL by Karice Bolton

Release Date – September 2, 2013

BEYOND CONTROL, the tenth book by Karice Bolton, is a departure from her previous books that are from the paranormal/fantasy genre. She makes the transition successfully in this thoroughly enjoyable story.

Gabby is a recent college graduate working at her father’s business. As a child she suffered two significant losses. After a rebellious period and a personal health crisis, she has done everything in her power to take and keep control of her life.

Jason is a former Marine who owns his own custom motorcycle shop. He is mourning the loss of someone extremely special to him and has had a difficult time moving on.

Brandy is Gabby’s best friend and currently works as her assistant while she goes to law school at night. Brandy is beautiful, confident, and turns heads everywhere she goes.

Aaron is Gabby’s estranged brother. After being gone for 10 years, he tries to rejoin her life, but meets much resistance from his sister.

Gabby and Jason meet when the limo that Gabby is riding in is involved in a fender bender with Jason’s truck. When he hears her voice as he exchanges info with her driver, he senses a familiarity and wants to understand why.

Gabby is attracted to Jason, but a man is not in her control plan. As she tries to dissuade him, she realizes that it is harder than she thinks considering the level of energy that flows between them.

In anticipation of this book’s release on September 2nd, Karice shared her thoughts with me on the following subjects.

RMWTPC – Your previous books have been of the fantasy genre. What made you decide to jump to contemporary romance and was it difficult to make the switch?

Karice Bolton – First, thank you so much for allowing me to stop by and say hi! And thank you also for reading Beyond Control. So happy you enjoyed it! Back to your question… It was an easy transition, and one that I enjoyed tremendously. I have loved writing paranormal and fantasy and will continue to do so, but I thought it would be a nice change of pace to try something new — without the paranormal elements. I have wanted to write about Gabby and Jason for quite a long time. Often the ordinary in our lives can be as mystical as the extraordinary and fantastical. I always focus on characters and what characters can overcome, and I think this was a nice outlet to do that in a contemporary setting sans magic. Plus, I have another fantasy series that I’m working on so I can switch it up a bit.

RMWTPC – There is a recurring theme in your book that pertains to work /life balance. Gabby struggles with doing what she feels obligated to do as opposed to what she really wants or loves to do. Has your career as an author allowed you to avoid this pitfall?

Karice Bolton – Nope! I fell right into the issue headfirst. I actually wrote the first four or so novels while I was employed in the corporate world. My writing was a super secret that was fun to keep close to my chest. I worked at a Fortune 100 company for a very long time (12 years). Although, it probably felt longer than it was…

I worked with great people, but the job itself wasn’t what I wanted it to be because I really didn’t have a passion for the product. I was surrounded by people who worked at the company for 20-30-40 years, and they enjoyed what they did. I wanted to find that same fit for myself. I wrote late at night and gave my day job all I had and then some but kept focused on my writing. If you replace ‘cheese’ in the book with ‘soda’, there might be a few similarities. Maybe! But I think all those experiences are what help to define who and what we are and where we want to go in life. Knowing what you don’t want to do in life is just as important as knowing what you do want to do in life.

RMWTPC – Your story has an organ transplant component to it. Do you hope to raise awareness for the organ donor program with this book series?

Karice Bolton – I didn’t go into the story with that intention, but as the story unfolded it definitely became an issue that couldn’t be ignored. I just never know where the stories will take me.

RMWTPC – How many books do you anticipate will be in the Beyond Love series?

Karice Bolton – Generally, I always know exactly how many I will be writing. In this instance, I have three sketched out and many ideas for beyond the initial three books. But this time I will let the readers decide. If they want more of Gabby, Jason and the crew then I’ll probably continue to write their stories for quite awhile. I really enjoyed it!

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