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The Promise Me Series by Paige Weaver


Promise Me Darkness - Released on April 8, 2013

Promise Me Light - Released on September 24, 2013

The Promise Me series is the story of childhood friends and next door neighbors Maddie Jackson and Ryder Delaney. Maddie and her father move to the ranch next to Ryder’s family when she is six and he is nine. They become inseparable as children, but as Ryder grows up, with a wild streak as big as Texas, he makes sure to keep Maddie at arms length for her own good.

Maddie is the classic girl next door. Pixie tiny, sweet to a fault, beautiful without realizing it, she is the fantasy of one Ryder Delaney. Attending nursing school, Maddie is working hard to make good grades, is dating a man she believes is her ideal and looks forward to a bright future.

Ryder Delaney is the perfect combination of tattooed bad boy and boy next door. Forever getting into trouble, be it drinking, fighting, womanizing or all of the above, Ryder feels like he just doesn’t fit in.

Eva, Maddie’s best friend, is tall, outgoing and gorgeous. Everything Maddie believes she is not. Eva takes Maddie outside her comfort zone when they visit a rough biker bar and run into someone unexpectedly.

Brody, is Eva’s on again, off again boyfriend.

Gavin is Ryder’s older brother and the epitome of the perfect son. Ryder finds himself constantly comparing himself to an unrealistic standard that he believes that Gavin sets.

Ryder finds himself staying with Maddie and Eva at their apartment as he prepares to enlist in the service. With the current political climate, Maddie repeatedly tries to talk Ryder out of the decision afraid she will lose him to what she believes is an impending world war III. During a night out on the town dancing at a local club, the trio of friends and Brody find themselves in the chaos that accompanies the aftermath of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) strike on the United States.

The four of them go into survival mode in an attempt to get out of the city and back to the supposed safety of home. What they find at home, while more controlled than in the city, is still a far cry from what they are used to.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and close quarters cause feelings that have been simmering under the surface to develop into deeper yet equally confusing ones. Maddie and Ryder learn to live with love, loss, and the unknown in this two part series that takes them to the brink and back again.

The Promise Me series, is much more than a romance between the main characters. Paige Weaver pushes her characters to their limits. Taken from their modern conveniences and forced to learn to live off the land, this is not your typical love story. There are more than just obstacles of the heart that this pair has to contend with. With the adversities all the characters must face, the reader is taken through emotional highs, lows, heartbreak, tenderness and finally the realization that two people were truly meant for one another.

Paige is excited about the release of her new book and shared with us some aspects of her stories.

RMWTPC – How did you decide to incorporate the use of an EMP into your story?

Paige Weaver – I knew I wanted my characters to be challenged in some sort of
situation that was out of their control. I liked the idea of an outside force causing
life-threatening scenes, bringing the characters either closer together or tearing
them apart. The EMP aspect came about because I have always been fascinated
with doomsday scenarios. At the time Promise Me Darkness was taking shape in
my mind, I overheard a national news story about the threat, both manmade and
natural, of an EMP to the U.S. I thought what if I took two college kids and threw
them into the middle of an EMP attack on the U.S. That’s how the stories were

RMWTPC – The characters in your book all bring useful skills to their survival effort.
When writing the story, did these skills just come together or did you have to figure
out what would be needed for them to have the best chance of survival and then gift
them with those skills?

Paige Weaver – The skills just came together. In Texas, many people hunt so it only
seemed natural for Ryder and the rest of the men to know how to kill their own
food and/or use weapons. For the women, nursing skills were a no brainer for me
because I have some background in the medical field. Also, I spent most of my
childhood on a ranch so it seemed the safest place to send my characters when
the world collapsed. I wanted to use what I knew in the story. I think if I had taken
away their particular skills (hunting, nursing), I still would have found a basic
skill that would have helped each of them survive. Having written the story, I am
surprised by the number of fans that have told me they want to be prepared for
any kind of national disaster. I think it is inherent in all of us to survive, no matter
what skills we have or lack.

RMWTPC – Do you believe with the current state of world affairs, it is possible that
something of this magnitude could happen on U.S. soil?

Paige Weaver – I do believe an EMP is possible, either because of a terrorist attack
or because of natural events such as solar flares. In fact, the government is
looking into protecting our power grids more carefully against these types of
events. You can find recent articles in the USA Today and New York Times
stating that the U.S. government is preparing to undergo emergency practice
drills in the event an EMP were to occur. Do I think enemy forces could breach
our borders and invade? I do not know. If we are weakened by an EMP, maybe.
I took creative liberty with that in my story but then again we never thought
someone could attack our country with our own planes either. In the current state
of affairs, I believe the U.S. is vulnerable for attacks, but not necessarily on the
scale I wrote.

RMWTPC – Will there be other books in this series? What can your fans expect next
from you?

Paige Weaver – There will be other books in the series but Promise Me Light was
the end for Maddie and Ryder. I will write a book for the other characters of
Promise Me Darkness and Promise Me Light. I have also started writing other
books based on the same time frame but with a different set of characters,
completely separate from the first two books. There will be new sets of friends
and family. Each will be extremely different, with different circumstances and
different personalities of the characters. My fans should expect my future books
to be just as emotional and action-packed as Promise Me Darkness and Promise
Me Light. I love writing novels with a high level of intensity. I like gritty, raw, and
the unexpected. I want to keep my readers guessing when they read one of
my novels. And the more emotion I can put into a book, the better. I have many
books underway but my next scheduled novels are a non-dystopian and Cash’s
book (from Promise Me Light). I hope to see them in reader’s hands early 2014.

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